Fans of Ford Austin

Looking for an autographed picture of Ford Austin? You’ll need TWO 9X12 manila envelopes. Address one envelope to yourself. Place the correct postage on this envelope, then fold it in half and place it inside the first envelope. If you want Ford to recognize a particular person by name, make sure you enclose a letter with the proper information. Finally, address the second envelope to: Ford Austin 1000 West Wilshire Blvd., Suite 205 Oklahoma City, OK 73116 USA CORRECT POSTAGE: You live in the United States: Place 97 cent postage stamps on the envelope for each photograph requested. You do not live in the United States: Send 2 International Postal Coupons (also known as International Reply Coupons) for each photograph requested. *Please note: We cannot accept cash or non-United States stamps.*